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Brand marketing campaign to facilitate clients and followers

Date:2014-05-15     Views:791

In the time of products shortage, manufacturers will dominant.

Customers have to wait patiently.

Manufacturers, will easy to win the market, if they will have the right goods in stock.

Why are manufacturers, more and more, production and sales, are close to balance.

Manufacturer have to invest more money to build own brand, to make themselves different from others.



Because of globalization, market supply exceeds demands

Manufacturers not only have to take care own products and brands, but also have need to take care of customer’s needs.

This can help if the company can develop their relation with public and clients (Followers) to get the feedback.

APPLE is the best example in this matter:

Formal IT products sales are done by salesmen and clients face to face deals.

APPLE is based on Experience, Stores across the internet and thousands of followers on social media.

Apple followers also influence their friend circles.

In this way, APPLE wins a big share in market.


This kind of marketing campaign is changing our traditional industry an increable fast pace.

A normal product could be a hot sale after “Social media marketing”.

To let their products appear in front of customers.

Very often, the most important thing for all manufacturers Is interment , and marketing on phones which is growing very fast.

How get the knowledge how to publish products, and company news?


Well-known companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tencent, Alibaba, Apple, Samsung, Tesla, Xiaomi etc are all familiar with internet marketing.

Internet companies know how to brand a sales campaign and successfully develop followers.

Googol Power’s Wechat platform Develop at year 2013.

At the beginning we regard it as a platform to show our company news and products.

But during the Shanghai International Power Expo on April, 2014, we realize the power of mobile internet at first time.

Many of our articles which we published on Wechat were transferred and became hot topics in generator industry.

Therefore we started to work in another direction.

We decide that We should not only publish our own company news and products information, but also lead the whole Power generation and engine manufacturing industry.

Over 20 people, a international team from around the world are working on the internet marketing campaign.

We are Using Wechat, Fackbook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In all languages like, Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish to facilitate our clients and followers.

We publish the latest industry information for global clients and followers.

Let’s get Succeed together with Googol Power.