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The Final way of the World Energy needs

Date:2014-05-13     Views:819

In the process of human actives and lives, huge social energy was consumed; some has caused serious pollution which made a big burden for the earth, the developments of human will get trapped into unsustainable situation.

With Coal-fired power plant white smoke exhausted every day which contain a lot amount of sulfur dioxide, these sulfide finally float to our soil, rivers and lakes which we lived with, we will never See clean world if the coal-fired power plant will not closed.

Human thought they find the final power solution when nuclear power plant was covered by clean energy came out. Until they want to celebrate, they find nuclear power is only Satan from a Pandora’s Box. The Soviet Union’s The Chernobyl power plant disaster and Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster are among the worst disaster in the world, the nuclear power plant is like a sharp sword up people’s head. The biggest problem is to deal with the crapped nuclear materials, except the risk of operation. The nuclear power plant was built at the Fifties and Sixties of last Century in European is into the scraped time one by one currently. Several decades ago, the scientist innocently thought with technological developments the problem of scraped nuclear materials can be solved when they design the nuclear power plant. Thus they didn’t know, the time is too short, the current technology can’t be used to deal with the scraped nuclear. In order to remove these scraped nuclear power plant, they must rebuild a new model of nuclear power plant and let robot to remove it and after confirmed there is no nuclear leak out, they can let the robot to remove the real nuclear power plant. The cost of removing and dealing with a nuclear power plan is the same as to build a new nuclear power plant. Although need to invest a big amount to remove a scraped nuclear, how to deal with a mountainous pile of removed materials effectively. Now the technology still can’t be used to let nuclear radiation wipe out thoroughly. We only can seal them into lead tanks and keep the tanks in the rock cave, thus there are only two or three hundred years’  old of the lead tank, after two or three hundred years the scraped nuclear is still exited, whether the future technological way can deal with it or not?

Germany is leading of the newest technology of the world for many years. In 2002 it was announced that they absolutely give up designing and building a new nuclear power plant. Regarding the operational nuclear power plant will be closed when the time is expired. To develop clean energy is as a strategic road for the whole country.

What’s the clean energy?

That means there is no pollution when it manufacture.

What’s kind of energy is clean energy?

Solar energy: Solar is to transfer the luminous energy to heat energy, electric energy, and Chemical energy, in this process there is no any noxious gas and solid matter. It’s a new kind of energy which environmental protection, safe and no pollution, thus there are any pollution when manufacture the Solar equipment. How to solve this pollution is important research subject for scientist, the solar will be our final power solution in the future.

Bioenergy: Bioenergy is a kind of energy, which is a kind of solar as a form of Biomass exists on the organism, it is directly or indirectly from photosynthesis of plants, essentially it’s indirect way to store Solar energy, even it’s the only renewable energy. It can transfer to solid, liquid or gas fuel. Gas engine is the core equipment that makes bioenergy transfer to power or electric, due to the low cost, low pollution, it will be the main energy equipment for100 years in the future.

Hydrogen Energy: Hydrogen is the cleanest energy currently, compared with other energy. There are only clean water and a small amount of hydrogen nitride after burning. The clean water can be recycling use. Thus it’s a big challenge for scientist to research how to massively and economically get hydrogen and how to control the risk. It’s good news for us, if it can succeed.

Wind energy: wind energy can use the wind from air to product power or electric, there was a big developments for wind energy past years, thus it only can be a kind of auxiliary energy due to there is a big limitation of time and area.

Tidal energy: due to the gravitation from earth and moon, it makes tidal, we can use the wave of tidal to drive generator to make power. We still can’t be on a large scale to use tidal to solve the power problem at current technological level.

    Hydraulic energy: use from running or falling of water to drive generator, although there is no pollution, there is a huge influence for environment from dam. It was already stopped in European and American. The prospection for hydraulic power is not well from the view of sustainable developments.

From Above six kinds of energies, the bioenergy is closely related with our engine driven power generator, it’s also one of the main energy in 100 years, the way of energy also can solve the problem of human sustainable developments and the pollution is minimum.

In the bioenergy ecosystem, gas engine is the core equipment. Currently the gas engine (from the most best companies from engine manufacturing industry) comprehensive efficiency can be arrived at least 90% which is a few times more than traditional thermal power plant’s, the investment required less.

In the developments of distributed energy the Germany and Austrian technology development is swift, well and at the top of this area in the world. In recent years, Chinese government also encourages the industry for this development, we believe that will be a time for distributed energy like a seed sprout, come out and grow. The distributed energy will develop with fast speed in the future and be the final way of world energy.

Distributed energy’s success will exceed the traditional standby power. In order to find a place and to lead in the distributed energy area, how will Chinese generator manufacturers will develop with their technology and Comprehensive strength?

We should prepare and make a plan in advance to keep pace with the time.