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Development of Distributed Energy Industry

Date:2014-05-08     Views:831
Distributed energy industry has a great influence and impact on energy industry all over the world, with its high efficiency, energy saving, small investment and quick effectiveness.

Nowadays 90% of the diesel generators are used as standby power, and only 10% of them are used as continuous power station.

Due to the high cost of diesel, the future of diesel generators, which are used as continuous power stations, is not optimistic. In the coming future, users who can’t solve the gas supply problem, shortage of initial investment, or with small power generators demand, they will use generators as major equipment in a commercial power plant.

Appearance of distributed energy will destroy completely the living space of diesel generators in the large standby power generators. Due to large numbers of distributed energy in the future, not just diesel generators, Coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants also will gradually decrease even eventually disappear.

As an observer of diesel generators over 20 years, we objectively consider that distributed energy is not a terminator of our industry field; on the contrary, it’s a great opportunity.

In the past a hundred years when diesel generators dominate the industry, Europe, America and Japan firmly occupied the brand market and the internet, latecomers could hardly exceed .However, in the distributed energy age, those who can first improve technology and products will seize the opportunity for future development.

Currently in the gas generator field, three European companies lead ahead. Compared to the giants in diesel generator, these companies are far away in technology. For Chinese companies, there are still a few years to develop. For Chinese generators manufacturing companies, it’s a great chance to achieve success.

Diesel generator, just like Kodak in film time and Motorola in old cell phone time, faces the challenge of fast development of new energy. Will there be an APPLE company in China?

So everybody, go ahead, the world is round and everything is possible!