Electric Injection Generator 300-1000kW
Electric Injection Generator 300-1000kW Series
Generator Model Prime Power Standby Power Engine Model Configuration Fuel Consumption Genset Size-Open Type Download Datasheet Request a Quote
HGM413E 300kW/375kVA 330kW/412.5kVA PTAA13EG1 6L 199g/kW.hr 3100x1150x1600mm
HGM450E 320kW/400kVA 360kW/450kVA PTAA13EG3 6L 199g/kW.hr 3150x1150x1600mm
HGM500E 360kW/450kVA 400kW/500kVA PTAA13EG5 6L 199g/kW.hr 3300x1150x1600mm
HGM550E 400kW/500kVA 440kW/550kVA PTAA13EG7 6L 199g/kW.hr 3400x1150x1900mm
HGM625E 450kW/562.5kVA 500kW/625kVA PTAA15EG3 8V 197g/kW.hr 3100x1450x2100mm
HGM688E 500kW/625kVA 550kW/687.5kVA PTAA18EG3 10V 199g/kW.hr 3300x1450x2100mm
HGM700E 540kW/675kVA 600kW/750kVA PTAA18EG5 10V 199g/kW.hr 3500x1450x2100mm
HGM825E 600kW/750kVA 660kW/825kVA PTAA22EG5 12V 198g/kW.hr 3700x1450x2100mm
HGM880E 640kW/800kVA 704kW/880kVA PTAA22EG7 12V 199g/kW.hr 3700x1450x2100mm
HGM1000E 720kW/900kVA 800kW/1000kVA PTAA29EG5 16V 196g/kW.hr 4450x2140x2350mm
HGM1100E 800kW/1000kVA 880kW/1100kVA PTAA29EG7 16V 197g/kW.hr 4550x2140x2350mm
HGM1375E 1000kW/1250kVA 1100kW/1375kVA PTAA37EG3 20V 196g/kW.hr 5000x2190x2500mm
HGM1500E 1100kW/1375kVA 1200kW/1500kVA PTAA37EG5 20V 204g/kW.hr 5000x2190x2500mm

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