Honny Diesel Generator Series.
Others 280-1800kW Series
Generator Model Prime Power Standby Power Engine Model Configuration Fuel Consumption Genset Size-Open Type Download Datasheet Request a Quote
HPM400 280kW/350kVA 320kW/400kVA 2206A-E13TAG2 6L 77 l/h 3100x980x1600mm
HPM450 320kW/400kVA 360kW/450kVA 2206A-E13TAG3 6L 81 l/h 3100x980x1600mm
HPM500 360kW/450kVA 400kW/500kVA 2506C-E15TAG1 6L 95 l/h 3600x1100x1800mm
HPM550 400kW/500kVA 440kW/550kVA 2506C-E15TAG2 6L 100 l/h 3600x1100x1800mm
HPM660 480kW/600kVA 528kW/660kVA 2806A-E18TAG1A 6L 123 l/h 3800x1200x1900mm
HPM700 520kW/650kVA 560kW/700kVA 2806A-E18TAG2 6L 132 l/h 3800x1200x1900mm
HPM825 600kW/750kVA 660kW/825kVA 4006-23TAG2A 6L 157 l/h 4500x1650x2300mm
HPM900 640kW/800kVA 720kW/900kVA 4006-23TAG3A 6L 172 l/h 4500x1650x2300mm
HPM1000 728kW/910kVA 800kW/1000kVA 4008TAG2A 8L 195 l/h 4800x1800x2300mm
HPM1100 800kW/1000kVA 880kW/1100kVA 4008TAG2A 8L 226 l/h 4800x1800x2300mm
HPM1375 1000kW/1250kVA 1100kW/1375kVA 4012-46TWG2A 12V 259 l/h 5300x1868x2600mm
HPM1500 1100kW/1375kVA 1200kW/1500kVA 4012-46TWG3A 12V 283 l/h 5300x1868x2600mm
HPM1650 1200kW/1500kVA 1320kW/1650kVA 4012-46TAG2A 12V 301 l/h 5300x1868x2600mm
HPM1652 1200kW/1500kVA 1322kW/1652kVA 4012-46TWG4A 12V 316 l/h 5300x1868x2600mm
HPM1875 1350kW/1688kVA 1500kW/1875kVA 4012-46TAG3A 12V 370 l/h 5300x2100x2900mm
HPM2264 1646kW/2058kVA 1811kW/2264kVA 4016TAG2A 16V 422 l/h 6020x2300x3000mm
HPM2500 1800kW/2250kVA 2000kW/2500kVA 4016-61TGR3 16V 462 l/h 6200x2500x3100mm

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