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Googol PowerOur mission is to be the best in the world

Date:2014-05-22     Views:854


On April 2014, technical director of Germany MOTORTECH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD

Mr. Rainer and two of his colleagues came to visit the 2nd time to CHONGQING GOOGOL ENGINE-TECH Co., LTD Factory

YUWANG ,technical director assistant Mr. LIU DICHANG and marketing department manager Ms. WANG ZHENGFEI with all the guests attended a meeting on Sunday.

During the discussion both sides discussed about the technology of world’s top gas engine brands.

Motortech has been cooperating with most of top gas engine manufacturing companies in the world.

Mr. Rainer gave a detailed brief about World’s top engine manufacturing technology. 

Currently all around the world the real king of Engine manufacturing industry are GE  Jenbacher, Germany MWM, and Spain GUASCOR. The reliability, efficiency and their engines power keep them ahead in this industry. GOOGOL has always been ambitious to exceed them.

The key of success for these gas engine manufacturing companies are quality and advanced best technology which improves the core technology of company. And exactly the core technology is the main topics of GOOGOL POWER’s mission.

Nowadays the top gas engines have reached a continuous output power 22-24kW/L@1500rpm,

This liter power is very close to the average continuous output power of advanced diesel generators.

To achieve the best power output the two keys are:

1.  Strength of the engine Block:

2.  The Block of engine is the basis of engine strength .

3.  Without good design, the whole performance of an Engine will be affected.

4.  Currently advanced engines ‘strength reached a level over 35kW/L@1500rpm,which makes sure that at heavy load condition every part of the engine can support power generation.

The combustion design:

1. Engine compression ratio

2. Ignition timing

3. Injection timing

4. Intake pressure

5. Exhaust pressure

6. The pressure ratio of the supercharger,

7. The fuel system

8. The design of the combustion chamber

9. Mixing of the gas.

If the engine can achieve a perfect combustion state, the engine fuel consumption will be very low, and the exhaust gas temperature will be kept in very low value, which will significantly increase the service life of the engine and also the reliability of the engine will increase.

During the technical discussion, the two sides exchanged the ideas of the air-fuel ratio research and development of gas engine cylinder. compression ratio; power calibration values; engine knock control; ignition energy value; speed control system; the application of contrast the various structures of the spark plug; the relevant technical parameters of the world's present top gas engine settings; and the core technical issues such as the reliability of the engine.

The discussion brought both sides a better understanding and knowledge of the future development of gas engine, which is the big step for our next goal of products’ output power.

In 2013, our company GOOGOL POWER sent a technical team to German they attend a technical training in MOTERTECH Company and we achieved great success.

Global technical director Mr. Rainer at MOTORTECH Germany, Invite our technical team to visit them again in May 2014.  We’ll visit their company again to discuss the further planning.

Nowadays Germany and Austria are leader of the world’s latest technology and research of Gas Engines. Since 2012 German has announced the termination of new nuclear power stations, country’s energy development strategy will be development of renewable energy resources, and it will encourage the rapid development of distributed energy in Germany. Mr. Rainer declared that, every year at May and October seminars will be held in Germany and Austria respectively about the latest technology of gas engines. Most of participants will be gas engines research institutions and related companies. This technical platform will help to improves gas engine technology.

To promote the rapid development of China's clean energy, "Top50" Forum in 2015 will also be a new curtain, and main topic of the forum is to exchange and discuss the latest global clean energy technology. We will invite technical authorities and experts from worldwide in the field of clean energy to promote China's clean energy technology, and more importantly Chinese enterprises can learn more about global consulting industry, as well as to acquire more core technology.

For 2015's "TOP50", Germany MOTORTECH Company declared that a seat must be saved for them in the seminar, Chairman of the Group of Company at MOTORTECH and their global technical director will visit the forum to share their latest scientific and technological achievements and research experience.