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How to Assess the Gas Engine’s Overall Level of Technology

Date:2014-05-29     Views:839

To complete assessment the gas engine’s overall level of technology, according to Our study of many years in gas engines field, we believed the best gas engine shall have the following qualities:

1,Operation Reliability:

There is nothing without the engine prototype design.

The reliability of the equipment comes from the engine prototype and design.

It also depends on the reliable parts and best quality parts.

2,Knock protection System:

Gas engine performance cannot be stable because of the CH4 inconsistency, which changes the fuel composition ratio.

If the engine does not have knock protection system, engine will knock.

The knock condition continues will damage most of parts in engine.

 A Knock Protection system is very important in gas engine technology.

GOOGOL JTA3240-G5 Gas Engine

3,Fuel Consumption:

The engine economic analyses are based on the rate of fuel consumption.

At the present, best gas engine in the world can run up to 4kw.hr gas per m³.

This value is the target of all engine manufacturing companies.

4,Speed Fluctuation Rate:

An advanced gas engine speed fluctuation rate is around ±0.5%,

Because the fuel composition is not stable, and quickly changes under load.

It is very important to measure the engine when it in is opperating

5,Exhaust Temperature Value:

We the proposed exhaust temperature value should be under 650℃.

If the exhaust temperature too higher, it will be effected the engine reliability.

Also, the exhaust value can be affected on turbocharger, intercooler, overhead camshaft..

Discussion about Gas engine design and development between Googol engineer and German experts.

6,Power value per Liter:

A prefer gas engine continue stable output power is 23-25kW / L stable.

There are 3 top gas engine manufacturing companies which can reach this level.

7,Emission Standard:

When the engine working in lean-burn status, following the large air coefficient improves, the NOx will decline to great extent, but CO will improved.

The best gas engine brand in the world can reach NOx ≤500 mg /m³,CO ≤300 mg /m³.

8,At the present:

Gas engine driven power generators are used as standby power.

Apart from this also include engine availability factor, alternator efficiency, and fans power consumption.

For the gas generator, alternator efficiency, engine thermal efficiency and fans power consumption should be on the best level.

Because the fuel cost is much more expensive than equipment.

Googol engine focused on clean energy designed and development and will become a clean energy supplier

The Googol solution and expertise is currently the best in the world.

We would like to work with you together, let’s open up a new future of power generator industry.