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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between Hong Kong STV Group and Honny Power

Date:2011-07-10     Views:1994

Honny Power’s General President Mr. Wen Guosheng and CEO Mr. Li Yuwang had a successful visit to Hong Kong STV International Media Group (Hong Kong STV) at December 16th, 2010. They received highly ovation and warm reception from the Board President of Hong Kong TV, Mr. Gao Hongxing. During this trip, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed after a conference between the leaders.

In this conference, the two sides briefed introduced each other on the development of status and their future plans. President Wen introduced the business philosophy and a blueprint for future development. He said that as one of China's top power solutions enterprise, in the face of the mainstream high-end customer base, with the whole industrial chain core technology company which rare over the world; Honny Power always hold the belief of "brighten the human dreams with light" as the corporate mission, is committed to producing more efficient, environmentally, energy saving and high-prime power output power solutions all the way. We aimed at to bring more convenience for people, to promote better human life.

The rising of Hong Kong STV shined the world. She was a new celebutante of international television media. As a media, she made a bridge between East and West, connected the culture, political and economy, shortened the distance among people, let the human civilization can be shared. The Board President Gao introduced Hong Kong STV's unique marketing philosophy and mode of operation. He quoted, "Disseminate Chinese culture, Listen to the sound over the world" was the mission of the Hong Kong STV; "Influence the Influential People" was its goal; chose foreign speakers to carry on broadcast was its new feature. In the future development of Hong Kong STV will be operating as an international television media, based on the three areas of communication, cohesion strength of global Chinese efforts to become a well-known global media group. Besides, they were working on the “mobile TV” project and tried to achieve triple-play interaction.

Here came a coincident that the Googol Power of Honny hold the similar belief just as Hong Kong STV that is “Let’s achieve our goal together, let’s power your dream”. Two different Chinese enterprises in different field hold a same region to let China known by the world, this definitely set the spiritual base for their further cooperation.

When visiting in Hong Kong STV, they had not only signed the strategic cooperation agreement but also a sponsorship contact. It said Honny Power was about to provide backup power generators for Hong Kong STV as standby power solution set. Considered the operation type of working, Honny Power made a particular design for Hong Kong STV to work with, processed high power stability, low noise and the easy actual situation on-site work capability. The whole Genset was composed by Googol engine, Googol Power  Alternators and GSC Control Module; and were all Honny’s independent innovation products.

When interviewed, President Wen talked that this cooperation was a big challenge for Honny Power too. It was a memorized experience working with Hong Kong STV. He hoped there would be further co-operations to make each other more closely.