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Generators Training for Thailand Client at Honny Factory

Date:2011-07-10     Views:1871

From Oct 25 to 27, a 3-day generators training course was held successfully in Honny Power for Thailand Client. This training was directed and conducted by our Customer Service Department, the director Mr. Zheng Xubin, the executive Mr. Xu Yilin and the electrical engineer Mr. Qin Bin volunteered for it and together with Ms. Grace Wang, the sales executive of Overseas Marketing Department. Be grounded on humanistic care and aim to improve the professional recognition of clients for our products, we paid a lot attention and made sustaining efforts to this training. It showed a satisfactory effect and wins the unanimously praise from our clients eventually. 

This power generators training attracted 5 Thailand clients to take part in. At the beginning, Mr. Bruce Cui, the Overseas Market Director described this meeting first and foremost. He expatiated on the theme content of following training, and he also spoke highly of the progress for the promotion of Honny brand popularity they had contributed to in the past. Then the director Mr. Zheng Xubin, the executive Mr. Xu Yilin and and the electrical engineer Mr. Qin Bin made detailed introduction with respect to the technical installation and maintenance of generator sets, the constitution of diesel engine and AC alternator, faults diagnosis and overhaul while generators running, and the operating principle and connection of Auto Transfer Switch(ATS), etc. Then we showed them to the workshop for parameter setting of controller and diesel generatorsimulative test. In the process of training, we also introduced our service system, which made them know better about the after-sales service of Honny Power. In the following communication for exchanging views and sharing experiences, the clients took the floor one after another, and we had a lively discussion, and good effect had been obtained during it.

While in the course of this training, we did not only present more knowledge of the products we have thoroughly, but also showed them our management conception and guideline, industry trend, our aspiration and planning, etc. From which the sense of identification and belonging of them would be encouraged, and so will the consumer consciousness. It lays a good foundation for achieving double wins benefit for each other.

Moreover, it is not only useful for counteracting the atmosphere of Business is Business, building up the humanistic care and trust interaction of each other, but also will push them to improve the increase and input of their confidence, and be always coming in line with our strategic view. We’ll increase the exchange and cooperation between our clients and us constantly, and try our best to provide them with more and better products and service. We’ll devote to build more huge and stable overseas marketing network in the future.