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Domestic Equipment Purchase Status Survey

Date:2010-01-06     Views:2146
Leaders from six Bureaus of Guangdong province were present in our company to investigate the problem that the Domestic Equipment manufacturing was discriminated in Government Procurement.

On 6th,January leaders investigated the problem of Domestic Discrimination according to the notice of Government. They are from Treasurer, Science and Technology Agency, Development and Reform Commission, The letter of Appointment, Government Procurement Center and Complete Office machinery and equipment etc. And they were led by Cui Guiqiu who is the deputy Director of Regulation office, Government Procurement, Guangdong Treasurer and were accompanied by Director Zhang in Dongguan Government Procurement Regulation Office. Li Yuwang ,the CEO, reported the situation and the measures were taken to the Financial Crisis in 2009. Research Group were sure of our achievement of 2009 which was full of hard and challenge. Cui Guiqiu said we should take part in bidding Government Procurement at all levels when we do a good job of our own work in company. At the same time, he said all levels of Government of our country are in favor of self-equipment manufacturing. There are many kinds of innovative funding of R&D and Platform Supports in cities, provinces in our company. And he also encouraged us to take part in declaring and make full use of Preferential of something about funding and the Preferential for the Domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises to participate in competition in Government Procurement at all levels.

Li Yuwang denoted we can’t separate the crucial parts of Power Generators and Engines in the development of equipment manufacturing industry. Government Supports for enterprise are needed to achieve localization, especially more for private enterprises. It’s very grateful for the leadership of all levels of government to concern and support for private equipment manufacturing enterprises. We will continue to develop the R&D and innovation of the Upstream core products that is predominated by a handful of foreign companies and improve ourselves and observe discipline and obey the law. And we will take the high-quality sound product solution to take part in Government Procurement. To keep its promise, with quality and reliable products and attentive service to the successful completion of our successful project. We should contribute out efforts to the revitalization of the national equipment manufacturing with actions and fulfill a corporate civic responsibility and obligation.

The Research Group, which was accompanied by Li Yuwang, visited our workshop. Then the Research Group and Li Yuwang were presented in the seminar to discuss about the problem of Domestic equipment manufacturing in Government Procurement which was held by Guangdong EAST Power Supply Co., Ltd.