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Honny 2023 | Mid-Year Conference and Team Recognition Successfully Concluded

Date:2023-08-01     Views:2098

From July 28th to July 30th, the three-day 2023 Honny Power Mid-Year Work Conference" came to a successful conclusion. Leaders of Honny Group, managers and general managers of various regional companies nationwide, as well as department heads, ministers, and directors from Dongguan Factory, gathered together to review and summarize the work progress of the first half of the year. Based on the current market conditions in each region, they formulated scientific, reasonable, targeted, and implementable work plans and priorities for the second half of the year.

The mid-term conference not only provided a comprehensive review of the achievements and future plans but also strengthened team cohesion and combat effectiveness. It also reinforced employees' understanding and recognition of the company's management system and corporate philosophy, significantly boosting everyone's confidence in future work and life. Together, they are committed to creating a better Honny by uniting their hearts and taking practical actions.

During the conference, Chairman Wen Guosheng of Honny Group delivered a speech. He shared insights gained from in-depth and multidirectional visits to industry markets worldwide, along with thorough research and examinations, combined with his various personal experiences. He objectively, fairly, scientifically, and meticulously explained the current industry market, international situation, and future trends. With his unique strategic vision and forward-thinking, he also pointed out the current challenges in the market and the future direction of the industry. Lastly, he emphasized the importance of producing fine products, building a brand, and striving to create a thousand-year branded enterprise with the spirit of honing skills for a hundred years. Through continuous efforts and hard work, they aim to let China's high-powered engines truly shine and let the world hear the voice of China!

The conference concluded with a commendation for the sales team's outstanding members. Every Honny member's hard work is honored, and their unwavering dedication is etched into the passage of time. In the end, the conference applauded the Honny team's constant exploration and progress, and recognized the exceptional performance of partners in their daily work!