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Honny won the tender of Sichuan Petrochemical Building

Date:2010-01-05     Views:2000

On 5th, January 2010 our company was successful bidding for the project in Sichuan Petrochemical Construction Group Co., Ltd. They Purchase a set of HP series of the diesel genset that the Standby Power is 1100kw with its installation and the room’s environmental installation. The contract of the project had been signed. This generator is used as standby power supply for NO.1 Sichuan Petrochemical Building.

This is another successful project that the standby power of diesel generators is over 1000kw after the project of Jialin River Shipping Development Grass Street, Navigation and Hydropower and its Procurement bidding of accessory equipment. In this project a set of HP series of diesel genset that the standby power is 1320kw and its installation of accessory equipment were purchased.

It’s in charged by Li Ying who is the manager in previous Dongguan Wanjiang Branch since April 2009 the Chengddu office were prepared to construct. It’s not easy to continue successful the project that the standby power of diesel generator set is so high in 8 months after the preparation. Li Ying is aggressive, studying hard, and quick-witted and is the one of the most potential excellent manager. We believe in the blue Honny flag would flutter in Southwest land as Chengdu team’s marketing develops.