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Honny Team Visited ASAN with Secretary Mr. Wang Yang

Date:2008-09-20     Views:2297
Since September 2nd, the senior management member of Honny, the Chairman Ms. Zhao Min, the President Mr. Wen Guosheng, the Vice President Mr. Li Yuwang and the Overseas Director Mr. Bruce Cui paied a visit to Malaysia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore together with Guangdong Delegation for Economy & Trade, which went for 12 days for the economic communication.

This visit was leaded its way by the Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Wang Yang, together with Secretary Municipal Committee of Dongguan City and Chairman of the Standing Committee, Mr. Liu Zhigen, and the Vice Mayor Mr. Jiang Ling and 32 enterprisers. The purpose is to for business opportunities and cooperation, said the Vice President Mr. Li Yuwang.

In the process of visiting, Guangdong Delegation for Economy & Trade had an interview with the local governments and enterprises and held a series of economic communication activities in Malaysia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. The Deputy Prime Minister of Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Vice Prime Minister Datuk of Malaysia, Mr. Seri NAJIB Tun Razak all appeared and made speeches on the Economy and Trade Cooperative Fair. Meanwhile, there are conferences between the enterprisers of Dongugan and local famous ones.

Mr. Li said, the leaders of Honny Power benefited a lot from this visit. The acuity and adaptability for market and the means about regulation, transformation and upgrade of Industrial Structures of local enterprises are all worthy for us to study and use for reference. Meanwhile, he also said that the sales market is a little single especially in homeland, and with the development after years, the overseas market for diesel generator product will be explored more and the market will becomes diversified.