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Honny was Confered as the Good Faith Enterprise

Date:2008-08-05     Views:2139

Recently, Honny was confered as the Good Faith Enterprise of 2007 by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Administration, and the certificate of merit was awarded.

The Good Faith Enterprise is approved through public appraisal by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Administration, the purpose of which is to promote the establishment of the credit system, public good of honest and trustworthy, and the development of local economies. The declarer must have special contract management system, and the fulfillment of contract must achieve 100% ( except force majeure、the breach of faith of the other side or the agreement between both parties is rescind ), and illegal management active are forbidden.

According to Dongguan Daily, the enterprise wins the Good Faith will get the support and encouragement from the government, for example: The government will carry out the policy of free-inspection policy of substantiality and business; the Good Faith Enterprise can enjoy Green Chanel Service when contacting with business sectors; Whereas, every Good Faith Enterprise in Shipai Town, etc. can be put a premium with RMB10,000.00 each year.

For a long time, faith and trust are regarded as the lifeline of enterprise and the ligament and bridge between society and Honny. Honny stuff all know that faith and trust is frangible and it must be protected carefully and as treading on eggs momently, Meanwhile, it can’t depart from supervision. Honny stuff sincerely welcome the friends’ intendance and guidance from all walks of life.