Oil Fields

Oil Field, Oil Refinery plant and Gas Fields required standby power generation and in most remote areas continuous 
power generations.

Necessities of Power generator for oil, gas fields.

24 hours continuous stable power supply, in extreme or normal temperatures from -10 °C to 50 °C.
Honny Power High/Middle/ low speed Power generators are design to work 24*7 in extreme temperature conditions 
and high attitudes with minimum maintenance requirement for telecom sector. 

Parallel operation to provide stable standby or prime power supply according the load.
Honny Power’s HV/MV/LV smart parallel operation and synchronization systems are best with our vast over 20 years 
of experience around the world to provide turnkey power projects (1MW to 50 MW).

CHP & CCHP Gas and Diesel Power generators.
Honny Power specially designs Gas/ Diesel CHP Power generators, Steam can be utilized to produce electricity or to
drive chillers as well. 

Reliable AMF & ATS System (Auto mains failure & Auto transfer System) which can start and stop generators 
automatically with load transfer in case of city supply on or off. 
Honny Control system contains world class AMF, ATS Control systems like Deep See, DEIF, which are easy to use and operate. 

Advantages of using Honny Power Generators for Oil, Gas Fields.

Honny power is among the leading manufacturer and supplier of power generators and turnkey power plants for 
vast applications around the world since 1992.                                                                                         
We also specially manufacture containerized turnkey power plants including auxillaries systems to work in extreme 
weather conditions. We provide CHP and CCHP solutions. We have over 20 years experience for supply, design, 
installation and commissioning of turnkey power projects. We have vast power range of HV/MV/LV Diesel, gas and dual fuel Power generators to fulfill all requirements in the field.