Telecom sector includes telecom stations, datacenters and telecom towers etc. Telecom towers can be in remote areas which required very smart auto system, big fuel tank and less maintenance. 

Necessities of Power generator for Telecom.

24 hours continuous stable power supply, in extreme or normal temperatures from -10 °C to 50 °C.
Honny Power generators are design to work 24*7 in extreme temperature conditions and high attitudes with minimum maintenance requirement for telecom sector. 

Parallel operation for data centers to provide stable standby power supply in case of power failure.
Honny Power’s smart parallel operation and synchronization systems are best on our vast over 20 years of experience around the world to provide turnkey power projects.

Clean generator and clean generator rooms are important for data centers.
Honny Power specially designs power generators and canopies for indoor & outdoor usage for datacenters for easy 
routine service and maintenance which helps to keeps the generator and generator room clean.  

Reliable AMF & ATS System (Auto mains failure & Auto transfer System) which can start and stop generators automatically with load transfer in case of city supply on or off. 
Honny Control system contains world class AMF, ATS Control systems like Deep See, DEIF, which are easy to use and operate. 

Advantages of using Honny Power Generators for Telecom.

Honny power is among the leading manufacturer and supplier of power generators and turnkey power plants for vast applications around the world since 1992.                                                                                         
We specially designed power generators and canopies for telecom towers for remote areas, with extra fuel tanks, special heavy duty air filters, smart control system which can send remote signal to control center in case of failure or maintenance requirements.