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Honny Supply Power Generator to 2010 Tianjin Summer Davos (WEF)

Date:2011-07-03     Views:1885

Project of 1800kW Honny genset successfully install in Tianjin Wanli Hotel (2010 Tianjin Davos Forum)

Tianjin Wanli Hotel is located at the coast water Avenue, west area, Tianjin. It only takes several minutes to walk to Tianjin municipal government, Tianjin auditorium and Tianjin international exhibition center and also is the nearest hotel from the international exhibition center. The visual angle is exclusive to appreciate the fantastic scenery of east lake and big lake.

When the members of Tianjin summer Davos (World Economical Forum-WEF) inspected this project, we dispatched our engineers to offer the best supports to ensure to supply steady power.

2010 World Economic Forum new Annual Meeting of the New Champions (the other name is Summer Davos)was hold in Sep.13rd,there are 1450 members registering in. Many foreign politicians present as follow: Olafar Grimsson, Moldova's prime minister Filat , Papua New Guinea's prime minister Somare, Zimbabwe MuTan deputy prime minister Barak, Mongolia LiEn Hector bag's deputy chief Michael, Bulgaria's strike deputy prime minister Yang, Cambodia JiChun deputy prime minister, ect. The most of them were living in Tianjin Wanli Hotel. Ensure the Honny emergency diesel generators supplying steady power, no matter how hard and tired our engineers were, they were still sticking to their post to satisfy customer’s requirements.

It is very important to supply and install diesel generators for Tianjin Hotel. From starting construction in May 3rd, 2010 to train workers and hand over the works in Sep.16,2010,we have realized that the time for selling products was gone. From successful selling, installing & maintenance, service show our powerful service system and High service standard. Depending on our good service details, service standardization, detailed will get more and more customers’ supports and trust.