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Honny- Googol Generator Awarded as “Best Supplier for Data Center in 2015”

Date:2016-03-25     Views:3689

In the 6th China Data Center Industry Development Conference, held on Beijing 23th March, the Conference awarded the 2015 annual data center best suppliers. A total of 96 data centers and relevant industry companies were recommended and involved in the evaluation activity.

After the review and vote of professional experts, conference decided to award 18 outstanding data centers and 13 preeminent relevant suppliers. Honny Power won the “2015--2016 Annual Data Center Elite Products / Solutions provider” award for supply of Googol Power generator sets.

The Conference alliance is a national Non-profit organization and founded in 2010, which get great support from China Information Association, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and local operating companies and technology industry centers.

With the popularity of information technology industry and in-depth Internet, social demand for data center further increased, which makes the data center industry chain with rapid development of competition and becoming more intense. To reduce the cost and energy-saving has become the key factor in the data center to enhance the core competitiveness.

It is well known as a data center for storing various data, the "warehouse" server cooling need to consume a lot of power. Emergency big horse power generator set is one of the basic equipment requirement is generally between 1500-2400kW.

Over the years, this market has been dominated by European and American engine brands. Googol power is also very concerned about, and there have plans to enter this high-end market. At that time IDC data room also quietly change the past. Since the use of imported equipment room cost is too high, the rental market of the server has no price competitiveness and gradually are defeated by later building
low-cost data centers. For a data center, if the cost is too high it will lead to artificially high rents and its market competitiveness will be severely constrained.

Googol powered generators are known for its cost effectiveness with latest and reliable technology, CHP (Combined Heat and Power) solution provide client more competitive construction costs and lower operating costs. Googol generator set is entering into the core areas of the data center market.

Just like Huawei break the European and American monopoly of the telecommunications industry, Googol engine will become China's IDC highest engine brand share holder in the market by hard working of all industry chain members, and will bring greater market value for all our partners.