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Training for High Pressure Fuel Pump

Date:2015-01-20     Views:2316

Today ,we gave the training on Googol series high pressure fuel pumps, including: fuel system composition,fuel pump functions, high pressure pump working principle, installation and maintenance.

Fuel tank----hand fuel pump----rough filtration----fuel delivery pump----refined filtration----high pressure pump----high pressure fuel line----fuel injector.
Low pressure fuel system is composed by fuel tank,rough filtration, hand fuel pump and refined filtration.
High pressure fuel system is composed by high pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel line and injector.
Googol series engines all adopt P type pump, mainly to solve the problem of leakage and pressure relief between plunger sleeves and outlet valves. The difference between P type pump and general A type pump includes : 
1. No side windows.
2. the sleeve up and down together, upside down and pump body not directly under pressure.
3. pressure over 100Mpa.
4. P type pump adjust plunger sleeves and injector angles more uniform to add and subtract gaskets.

Gear pump belongs to medium and low pressure fuel area, and deliver diesel from fuel tank to injection pump .                            
General pressure is 0.1-0.2Mpa.The pump haves a small head and height difference not more than 1.2 meters.

Delivery certain amount of fuel to the injector at fixed time
Composition: cylinder block, camshaft, piston spring, plunger, delivery valve, isobaric hollow bolt, fuel feeding tooted rod and ring gear rotating sleeve.

Fuel system is the core of engine, its function like the heart to people.  A good fuel pump will influence the engine normal operation ,as well as fuel consumption and emission.Googol series engines adopt high quality P type pumps ,which use imported core couplings and have higher injection pressure. Googol P type fuel pump ensure engine reliable operation and fuel economy.