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Googol Power Marine Engineering

Date:2014-10-26     Views:793

On August 14, 2014, thirteen large engineering ships assembled with Googol engines during 330kW-1800kW power range are successfully put into commercial operation. 

The thirteen engineering ships can be loaded ten thousand tons, pumping sand amount of more than 5000 tons per hour.

It is seemed like an aircraft carrier in the similar projects in currently China.

On August 15, another ship in the most eastern end of the Songhua River in Heilongjiang province in the motherland was used GOOGOL engine as Marine power engineering ship, and was successfully put into commercial operation.

Currently, Googol Power involves in addition to the field of Marine engineering, but also in the oil drilling platforms, pipelines, mining, telecommunications, glass, auto, large hotel chains, large hospitals, and dozens of large cities, with thousands of mature application cases.

In the past, marine power engineering ship field is Caterpillar and Cummins’s private garden.
Today, GOOGOL Engineis with superior product quality successfully into the "Three Kingdoms"of the two roles.
From then on, the "two dragons" is no longer lonely.
Our success comes from the result of 20 years of technical accumulation, Due to the continuous improvement of 1% progress every day, Stems from a focus on the real needs of customers, Is the result of bring tremendous value to the customer and is from the management idea that the customer is not god, but our loved ones.

Nothing is impossible, but just you can’t image in the world.