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Honny Develop Indonesia Market

Date:2009-06-09     Views:2116

From May 29 to 31st 2009, Honny Power-Tech Co., Ltd took part in the 4th Machinery & Electronic Product Exhibition at Jakarta international Expo, Indonesia. The Expo is organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME). There are total over 200 persons, 100 companies participated the exhibition coming from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong province and Chamber of Commerce. Honny CEO Mr. Li Yuwang and Overseas Market Director Mr. Cui Xaiolong took part in the exhibition.

As largest Muslim country, there are over 220 million population and become 4th largest country in the world. Indonesia is consisted of over 17000 islands. There are much rich for mine source, oil and nature gas etc. It’s a very important market for many kinds of product manufacturers. In power generator field, the market is more potential. The economy is few influenced by global finance risk. However, the Indonesia government put more investment into developing mine source, oil field, basic constructing. The demand of generators will be much more.

With visiting Indonesia following with Guangdong government in 2008, Honny know the huge market potential for generator product. Indonesia is as our important export area. We took part in 4th exhibition, we will put more into the market in future. During the exposition, more than 150 guest came to our stand for talking about the power generation set. Many of them were great interested in special and multi function products. And we also discussed the agent cooperation with several good companies. After exhibition, we go to these companies site for viewing and discussing more details of cooperation. The effect is very good than our anticipation. Honny also will do more things to developing Indonesia market continuously.