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MIIT Leader Visit Honny

Date:2009-04-05     Views:2096

On March 24th, Mr.Yi xueqing ,the director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People’s Republic Of China visited Guangdong Honny Power-tech Co., Ltd(Hereinafter called Honny Power) with Vice-counsel Yang Jian ,accompanied by Yang Zhaohui, the director of a division of Guangdong Economy &Trade Committee, and Liang Jingchang, the deputy director-general of Dongguan Economy &Trade Bureau.

Guangdong Honny was founded in 1992, and has been one of the largest generator manufactures in China. We specialize in the assembly, design, sales, installation, maintenance, and service of power generation set with Cummins, Perkins, Volvo Penta, Doosan, Deutz series world famous diesel engine and Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer, MVC series AC alternators. Nowadays, with the great efforts and developments of over 17 years, Honny owned 20,000 square meters’ headquarters in North Industrial Park, Songshan Lake, Dongguan City China, which is the most having development potential high and new-tech industry garden, Our assembly capacity is over 10,000 sets per year. Honny now operates over 30 branches and offices, throughout the largest cities in China. Honny employs over 1000 employees, including 80 in management position,90 technical engineers,250 workers,290 maintenance and after-service staff, and over 300 salesmen and women .

After Yi Xueqing team visited Honny’s workshop, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Li Yuwang reported three corporation transformation and reformation history of Honny Power during the 17 developing years. When Yi kindly asked how is the situation of Honny under the global economy crisis. Li said, this economy crisis affects worldwide, It made different influence to all domestic enterprise include Honny. Fortunately, Honny already made specific deployment and adjustment toward this crisis on June of 2008. For Honny, a 17 years old experienced company, we have sufficient confidence to overcome this financial crisis, and we believe whenever it has difficulty, wherever is has opportunity. Later on, he introduced what strategy Honny already made and how it perform, his representation was widely recognized by all the member of investigation group.

Where after, Mr. Wen Guosheng, the President of Honny introduced the independence R&D department. He said, during this 4 years, Honny invest about 200,000,000 RMB in total amount on independence Research and Development. And it already got outstanding achievements. In Shanghai high power alternator R&D base, 20KW-1200KW alternator was volume produced already 3 years, 1250KW-1640KW alternator is going to volume production at this end of year. In Chongqing R&D base, high power & high speed diesel engine project strive to make technological breakthrough period, 5 specifications’ engine planned to bring into production at this year. At that time, Honny can fully compete with the few most famous large capacity engine manufacturers, and it is going to locate into the up steam of the industrial. It will break the large horsepower & high speed engine monopolies from abroad as well.

After Mr. Li Yuwang and Mr. Wen Guosheng finished their reporting, Mr. Yi Xueqing said: I used to be a front-line staff and joint the whole large horsepower gensets purchasing process in China Telecom. The experience made me seriously worried about the condition which we Chinese only depend on importing large output diesel alternator. He said, Please accept my warm congratulation to Honny, It’s really hard to get quite an achievement under the global economy crisis. I am looking forward to see Honny’s large horsepower diesel generators and I believe it will have a promising future in the market. He also said: In the future, the general orientation for this industry is whoever gets the technology, who gains the market. He indicated that each industry will only focus on three big brands which owned the proprietary intellectual property rights and independent research and development capacity.

In the end, Yi xueqing kindly said, The government provide special scientific innovation fund for each industry especially for those equipment manufacturing industry whom owned proprietary intellectual property rights, independent research and development capacity. In a word, the government will highly support those enterprises whomever fills the domestic manufacturing blank. The high power & high speed engine can provide power-drive for lots of heavy machinery, if we do can produce it by ourselves, it will become a milestone of the whole machine building industry. Honny’s journey is familiar with Huawei Group (the giant global communication company).Yi xueqing hope Honny can become more and more strong, and growth as faster as she can under the support of government.