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Honny 2009 Sales Meeting

Date:2009-03-01     Views:2110

On February 24 of 2009 year, Honny annual sales meeting & configuration reformation was held at Reporting Hall of Dongguan Science Center. The company chairman of broad Ms. Zhao, and President Mr. Wen, CEO Mr. Li Yuwang, Chief Financial Officer Ms. Gong Jianhong, and all leaders from branches & offices took part in the meeting.

In this meeting, President Mr. Wen performed a detail report for new products and the new optional and requirement to all Honny People. We believe we can spend the financial crisis and open the good business with the continuous investing on new products and coming out into market.

At the following days, CEO Li analyzed the past 2008 sales achievement and gave a new aim on year 2009. We can access the good business under the best effort of all Honny people and the company configuration change. We will put more money and manpower on new business in future.