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2023 Honny Company Annual Meeting

Date:2023-02-08     Views:2017

At Lantern Festival, Honny company ushered in a grand annual meeting, 

reviewed the achievements of the past year, and looked forward to the expectations of the new year.

At the annual meeting, the Director of Honny,summarized the work of the past year from four aspects: performance review, market analysis, future outlook and efficient execution team, and made plans for future development. He pointed out that in 2022, under the severe test of the market, Honny family members had the courage to challenge and made concerted efforts to achieve a breakthrough in the annual sales target of 2022! The 2022 plan has been completed!

He thanked Honny family members for their efforts and said Honny will face greater challenges and opportunities in the coming year. He believes, Honny family will work together, with a new attitude to write a new brilliant!

To thank the Honny family for all their hard work and support over the past year, we have prepared delicious food, exciting games and abundant prizes......