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Present and Future Research of China’s “Oil Shale”

Date:2014-11-23     Views:830

Shale oil is unconventional oil produced from oil shale rock fragments by pyrolysis, hydrogenation, or thermal dissolution.
China is very rich in oil shale mineral reserves, but has not been fully utilized. 
The national oil shale reserves are about 719.9 billion tons , equivalent to about 47.6 billion tons of shale oil. China’s raking is 4th in behind the US, Brazil and Estonia.

How about the development of domestic oil shale in recent years? Where is the focus area in the future?

1, Dunmi fault zone.
Dunmi fault zone is the north extension branch of the Tanlu fault zone and have Dushun, Meihe, 
Huadian, Linkou and some other oil shale rift basins. 
In 2003-2006, Government estimates total oil shale reserves are 53.5*108t. So far we explore
up to 32.3*108t, which is 38% of whole country reserves.
Government now has already exploited the Huadian and Fushun basin. Linkou and Meihe basin
also get high attention from the whole society.

2, Jianchang Basin
Jianchang basin belongs to Liaoxi rift basins group, which is one of the most important rich oil shale
 basins. The oil shale generate during the cretaceous period.
The basin oil shale has the characteristics of numerous seams, thick depths, widespread, high oil-containing and so on. 
The sample oil-containing average ratio is 5%-10% and in which the highest can reach to 12.13%
3, Hulin Basin
Hulin basin locates in peripheral eastern basin group of Daqing oil field, east of Heilongjiang province.
In geotectonic, it is at the northernmost of Dunmi fault zone. The basin has a large sedimentary area, 
around 6500km2. Qihualin depression region is relatively higher in oil and gas containing, which is our exploration prospect areas.

4, Xizang area
Now oil shale has been found mainly developed in the Qiangtang Basin and Lunpola Basin. Mainly origin
of the middle Jurassic era. 
The total oil shale capacity is 1203*108t, taking up 16.7% of whole country. They are all potential development resources.
5, Erdos Basin
Currently it is been found mainly in the southeastern part of the basin. The Oil shale is in thickness and good quality. 
In 2006 , oil shale is ascertained about 1568.32 × 108t, which converting into shale oil is 96.20 × 108t.
It is China second largest oil shale basin, accounting for 20.53% of the national oil shale resources.

6, Qaidam basin
The national oil shale resource evaluation made in 2006 showed that the amount of oil shale resources 
in Qaidam i 168 × 108t, which are 2.2% of the national oil shale resources, which is China's 7th largest oil 
shale basin, but only 0.79 × 108t identified. 
Since 2012, China Liaoning Chengda Company established Qinghai Liaoning Chengda Energy Limited to
develop the Qinghai area oil shale. Qinghai provincial government list it as Qaidam Economic Development Zone key project.
7, Tuha Basin
In the north of Tuha basin, geologist found giant oil calcareous concretions layer and oil shale in the dark 
Mudstone, but investigation of oil shale details is underway.

8, Tarim Basin
In the north and southwest of Tarim basin has oil shale resources, which develop from lime - Jurassic period.
But the specific and scale are still unclear. Government already start to carry out system geological survey.